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Election Update

Arundel-on-the-Bay, founded in 1890, is located on the Middle Chesapeake Bay within sight of the Thomas Point Lighthouse, south of the Severn River and north of the South River, on a peninsula bounded by the Chesapeake Bay and Fishing Creek, near Annapolis, Maryland.

Some 300 households make up this diverse community, united in appreciation of the beauty of the natural environment and working to protect and improve it through the Property Owner's Association of Arundel-on-the-Bay, which administers the community special taxation district.

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New Residents, Including Renters — The Association wishes to extend its outreach to all new residents, including renters in Arundel on the Bay. If you have either recently moved into AOTB or can help identify new residents, please contact Dawn Davis. Information is also available from our email blasts. Subscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. To see past emails, click here.

Passes for VisitorsWe all enjoy the beauty of the beach at Arundel on the Bay and we naturally invite our far-flung friends and family to share in those delights. To ensure that our community can sustain the special opportunity enjoyed by homeowners and their guests, the Association has launched a Visitor's Pass Program which provides each household with up to two guest passes for its visitors to our beach and our fishing,crabbing, and boating facilities.

This new measure not only provides our community with more control over access to our shores but also gives an added layer of security. If visitors are found without a pass, they will be asked to provide one or leave the premises.

While we did not create the beach, we do work hard to maintain a clean and well-kept environment, and we believe the new program will enhance that process. As members of this thriving community, it is important that we all do our part in protecting its pristine natural resources and achieving greater security. Passes can be obtained from Lori Strum, via

An Election Update

July 14, 2017 -- As advised within the July 16 AOTB Election Update email, our Constitution and bylaws prevented the person who received the most votes for President of our Association from assuming that office. During the Association's board meeting on July 11, subsequently elected President David Zeman respectfully declined to hold the position, citing outside obligations. Mr. Zeman offered stirring commentary about his affection for our community and offered his services to be used in other capacities moving forward.

Pursuant to the line of succession set forth in Article VIII, Section 3 of our Constitution, and others having declined to serve in the position of President, Dawn Davis assumed the office effective Tuesday, January 11.

She has been a resident of Arundel on the Bay for over 11 years. For the past two years, she has served as Secretary of the Property Owners Association of Arundel on the Bay, and commits to fulfilling the responsibilities of this new role, serving at the direction of the Association Board and in support of each community member.

Final officer and board member standings are as follows:

Lori Strum, Board Chair
Aris T. Allen, Jr.
Pam Bennett
David Delia
Alan Hinman
Dick Peyton
Neil Rubin
President: Dawn Davis
Vice President: Donna Watts-Lamont
Treasurer: Roxanne Veal
Secretary: VACANT

Please note the vacant opening for Secretary. If you are interested in volunteering for this critical role, please contact Dawn Davis. Her contact information is below.

Dawn M. Davis, President
Property Owners Association of Arundel on the Bay, 410-571-5353

Anne Arundel County Department of Health Provides Advice
on Water-Associated Health Risks

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Arundel on the Bay's Newport and Chestnut Avenue Stormwater Project

Living History
Bill Keys & his new book: William S. Keyes: Keyes to a Long Life

Use this handy service from the Maryland Department of the Environment to see if our beach is safe for swimming when you want to go. There's a smart phone app too. Click to learn more.

History Video Project

Wondering what Arundel-on-the-Bay was like back in the day? We have 10 videos of residents who remember our neighborhood from the early days in the 1960s. Click on the camera to watch!


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Arundel on the Bay has partnered with Stream Energy to raise funds for our community association when members sign up for gas or electric service with Stream Energy. Read more.

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