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November 17, 2009
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AOTB Security Alert
Petty theft isn't so petty when it's your stuff!

Saturday, November 21
8 a.m. - noon

Over the past several months, many petty thefts have occurred from various properties in AOTB that have included lawn mowers, water craft, outdoor grills, etc. However, more recently, we've heard that additional thefts have happened from residents' dwellings, nearby sheds, and even boats moored at our community pier, and have included televisions, appliances, and marine equipment. 

The officers and board members of your association have frequently cautioned residents to lock their houses and sheds, indelibly mark their valuables, and generally keep on the look-out for suspicious folks in or near their homes. We've informed residents about our beefing up of private security patrols and asked for assistance with our security committee. Several PIER articles have been devoted to this issue. Yet stuff is still getting stolen, so we asked ourselves what more could be done?

In addition to what we've already suggested, we've come up with a few more ideas that depend on your active participation:
  1. If you've been the victim of any petty theft from your property call our county police at 911, where they'll refer you to the proper office and help you make out a police report. They can't fix what they don't know is broken!
  2. Give Detective Ottey (Anne Arundel Police Dept) a call at 410-222-1960 and tell him what you've lost and when.
  3. Take a look at the photos on our website (see for items we think may be stolen stuff and see if any of it is yours. If so, call the detective and say so. You might be surprised at getting that flat screen back for the big games!
  4. Give our neighborhood coordinator, Tim Hamilton, a call at  410-280-9439 or email him at and tell him what's been lost, and when it was reported.  Tim's keeping tabs on this issue for AOTB so we can speak with a united voice to the county should that become necessary.
  5. Most importantly, don't think nothing will change, because it surely won't if good men (and women) do nothing.