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March 15, 2010
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Order your rain barrel today

Think Spring! Do Something Good for the Environment!
Order your rain barrel today!

Did you know...

  • The first inch of run-off is the most toxic for the environment. Run-off is the rain water that runs off your roof and the pavement, which mixes with pollen, shingle particles, motor oil, debris, etc. This debris can be harmful when it reaches our creeks and the Bay because the water carries sediment and chemicals.

  • One rain barrel can hold 55 gallons of run-off from your roof.

  • You can attach one or multiple rain barrels to each downspout.

  • You can use rain barrel water to water your lawn and garden as well as indoor plants!

  • You can even use the water to wash your car!

Arundel on the Bay residents are invited to join in the Oyster Harbor rain barrel sale currently underway. Rain barrels sell for $60 per barrel (regularly $80) or $70 if you'd like a spigot attached. To order your rain barrels in time for Earth Day (April 22nd), contact Norm MacLeod at

Please include your name and how many rain barrels you are ordering. Checks can be made payable to Arlington Echo. The order deadline is Friday, March 19. You will be contacted via e-mail when they arrive!