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April 16, 2010
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Notice to Arundel on the Bay Residents  - Stolen Motor

A new 3.5hp Tohatsu outboard was stolen off a dinghy tied to dock on Monday, April 12. It has been reported to DNR and a report has been filed. DNR plans to survey AOTB and across Fishing Creek.
The motor was three weeks old and cost $950. The Tohatsu 3.5 is black and looks identical to a Mercury 3.5 except for the decals, since Tohatsu makes both. It has a 3.5 decal on the back and Tohatsu decals on the sides. The Serial Number is 041108XK. You may see someone trying to unload the item on Craigslist.
A reward will be given to anyone who helps recover the motor.

Also, as you look around the neighborhood, keep on eye out for a yellow and blue kayak pump. It may have an "EMS" on the blue float on the yellow pump. The pump was tied to the handle of the motor. The crooks also took a faded plastic 2-gallon gas container that was in the dinghy.

Please contact: Dennis Krausman at 443.454.3358 or email