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April 29, 2010
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Wounded Warriors Bike Ride Saturday
Come out and cheer them on!
Near Arundel on the Bay sometime between 1:15 & 3 p.m.

Annapolis is once again deeply honored to be a part of the Second Annual White House to the Lighthouse Ride which will take place this year on Saturday, May 1st.

This will be the third year that Annapolis has hosted the ride.

This special event is part of the Wounded Warrior Project's (WWP) Soldier Ride. This is a unique rehabilitative cycling program for wounded warriors and an advocacy program for today's wounded warriors. For many of these combat-wounded veterans, Soldier Ride provides the first and important step in their return to an active lifestyle.

Each of riders has lost either an arm or a leg. And two of the riders graduated from the Academy: Lt. Andrew Kinard, USMC, Retired; and LCDR Steven Peace, USN, Retired. Lt. Kinard is from Severna Park and he lost both of his legs to an IED during a mission in Iraq. He will be riding a hand-crank bike.

These riders are the most inspirational people it has ever been my pleasure to meet and I am sure you will feel the same when you watch them ride by on their specially-made bikes.

The Wounded Warriors would love to see you greet them as they pass through your community. So, please take a few minutes from your busy Saturday and come on out to the edge of the road where you live, wave an American flag, ring a bell, and shout

encouragement to these brave men & women who have given so much to the defense of our country. Let's show them that Annapolis supports our veterans like no other town in America. I promise that when you see these valiant warriors ride by, you will be moved to tears.

The ride will leave Jonas Green Park and travel through the following parts of town between 10-3 (arrival times are approximate). Locations near Arundel on the Bay highlighted.
  • USNA - Boyer, Outside Perimeter Road, McNair, Parker, Simms, Santee, Turner (10:15 -10:30)
  • Randall Street
  • City Dock past Market House
  • Main Street (10:35)
  • Church Circle
  • College Avenue
  • Rowe Boulevard
  • Taylor Avenue
  • Annapolis Street (10:45)
  • Wardour, Westwood, Scott, Claude, Monterrey, Forbes
  • Cross Rowe Boulevard
  • Navy Stadium -- Bathroom Stop (11:00)
  • Farragut, Howison, Porter, Baldridge, Williams, Bristol, Cedar Park, Locust (11:20 - 11:35)
  • Poplar Trail, Taylor Avenue, Westgate Circle, Spa Road, Greenfield (11:40 - 11:45)
  • Lunch at Maryland Hall (12:00 - 1:00)
  • Spa View Drive, Spa Creek Trail, Chesapeake Children's Museum
  • Spa Drive, Acton, Boxwood, Hilltop, Primrose, Truxtun Park (1:15)
  • Primrose, Hilltop, Tyler, Bay Ridge Avenue
  • Bay Ridge Road, Herndon, Bay Ridge Community Center -- Bathroom Stop (1:45)
  • River, Sands, East Lake, Farragut, Bay Ridge Road, Bay Ridge Avenue, Chesapeake Avenue, Compromise Street Across Eastport Bridge
  • FINISH - Armadillos, City Dock (3:00)
--Steve Carr