Sunday, December 10
On the Beach

Toy Drop off 3 - 4:45pm
Food Trucks and Party 3 - 7pm
Santa’s arrival 5pm

Many, if not most, kids in strife-torn area across the globe have very little to look forward to this Holiday Season. Far too many have lost everything—their homes, their families, and, appallingly, even their young lives. Although most of us can’t do very much to change the big problems, we can all do something very positive in our own small corner of the world, right here.

Join our AOTB neighbors in again supporting Anne Arundel County’s efforts to make this Holiday Season special for so many of our local, less-advantaged kids.

As part of that effort, John Muhitch and his band of Santa Run volunteers—firefighters, EMTs, and law enforcement officers—will be collecting your generous donations in the form of unwrapped toys, games, books, puzzles, sporting gear, and anything else your own kids might like to see under their trees, for distribution to county kids who have so much less than our own.

It’s no cliché to emphasize that the true spirit of this particular season has always been deeply rooted in giving rather than receiving. AOTB’s toy collection drive can give parents a real opportunity to model that behavior to their own children rather than succumb to the often overwhelming commercial media aspects of the season.

santa with a happy kidSo please help us surpass last year’s generosity (see photo at the top) and, starting around 3pm, walk, drive, or cycle to the Magnolia Avenue beach between Cohasset and Narragansett to drop off as many bundles of cheer as you can possibly afford. Give Santa and his elves something memorable to haul away in their sleighs when they arrive at around 5pm to get up-close-and-personal with the best bunch of neighbors in the county. Rumor has it that one of Santa’s close relatives (they do look a lot alike) will be on hand to greet folks too.

Brisk weather often means sharpened appetites. So after folks drop off their gifts, and before the Jolly Old Gent rides into our town in his bell-and-siren-equipped fire-sleigh, we plan to augment the traditional sugar fest that Board Chair and party-person-in-chief, Lori Strum organizes every year, with a food truck event organized by Margaret Delia featuring the excellent Greek on 🇬🇷 the Street and El Primo Mexican 🇲🇽 Food Truck folks that were so popular at our previous events.

Volunteers to help make all this happen are always welcome, so please come early and stay late to help with traffic control, table set-up, and after-party clean-up operations.

H🔴, H🟢, H⚪️!