Newport Pier

There’s Room at the Pier

-March 2009—In case you were wondering how the community pier aka Newport Pier works it's like this, writes Andy Grannell.  Firstly the pier is for the use of all residents of Arundel-on-the-Bay whether they're going fishing, crabbing, cannonballing, or just “sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away.”   The boat slips are rented on an annual basis (not prorated) from April 1st through March 31st.   The current slip holders have the first right to renew the same slip for the ensuing year.  This is mighty important to those who had boat-lifts constructed within the slip they rent.  The rental income is deposited into AOTB's “Contributions Account." This account is used for a variety of community purposes, including maintaining the Newport Pier and Redwood Avenue Boat Ramp. It is separate from the Special Community Benefit District account in which our allocated real estate taxes are deposited then spent in accordance with the community approved budget under the watchful eye of the county and our auditor. 

Boat slips not renewed as of March 31st for the coming year are then available to residents on a first-come first-served basis.   Currently we have available deep and shallow water slips that will accommodate vessels up to thirty-two feet.  

The current fee structure is as follows:

$500     Damage deposit
$500     Shallow water slip rental for one year or portion of a year
$1,000   Deep water slip rental for one year or portion of a year

Philip and Laura Harty are chairing the Newport Pier and Redwood Boat Ramp Committee. Their contact information is as follows:
3405 Newport Avenue
H: 410.263.5901
C: Philip 410.924.4198
C: Laura 917.544.0040 (Updated November 2009)

And Enhanced Security, too!

On several occasions during the past year, the highly effective seagull deflectors mounted on the Newport Pier have been snapped off by hitherto unidentified vandals who obviously enjoy making us all wade through swampy guano deposits. These "gullibles," generously acquired and diligently installed by Dave Delia (with help from his tram of gnomes), have proven environmentally friendly, gaily streaming in the breeze, as well as effective deterrents to toxic and dangerous bird splatter. Removing them is a violation of community property, hence potentially punishable by law.

So HEAR YE! No Longer will the community tolerate the wanton vandalism of these valuable festoons. Enhanced, state-of-the-art surveillance is being installed to protect our precious gullibles. In addition, any resident who witnesses their destruction is urged to report such behavior to an AotB officer or to our security chair, Mike Adams (updated November 2009).