Remember to pick up after your dog both in your own yards and while on walks where you can use these convenient pet waste stations. Picking up your pet's waste helps keep our water clean. Pet waste is a pollutant that contains bacteria which damages the Chesapeake Bay's waters. Rainwater will carry these pollutants to the Bay. Removal of pet waste is required by Anne Arundel County Law, Article 12 Section 4-909 with fines up to $500.00; AND you NEVER know when the poop police are watching and taking note!

julie winters

Presentation on the Project: "Scooping the Poop for Better Water Quality " - Learn why picking up pet waste helps promote a clean Chesapeake Bay and how YOU can easily do a pet waste station program in your neighborhood.

How-to Guide for Communities

This amenity to our community was added in July 2009, with several additions since. Six pet waste stations, complete with bags to pick up waste and a receptacle to throw away the used bags, have been installed, and the Oyster Harbor community installed five. Our neighbor, Julie Winters, created the Aurndel on the Bay pet waste stations as part of her Watershed Steward class. The Capital wrote an article about her initiative. Read it by clicking here.

There are many benefits that come with the use of these new pet waste stations. Pet owners will be more able to pick up and toss waste from their dogs during walks around our scenic neighborhood as a courtesy to everyone. Also it is very important to Scoop The Poop For Better Water Quality!

Please remember, it helps keep the water in the adjacent Chesapeake Bay and Fishing Creek clean if you pick up your pet's waste (both on walks and in your own yards).

no dog poop symbolPet waste contains nutrients and bacteria that are dirty and ruin the Bay's water. Rain water can carry pet waste left on the ground to the Bay.

Removal of your pet's waste on public walks, in recreational areas, or on private property other than your own is required by AACO law (Article 12 Sec. 4-909); fines range from $50 and up to $500.

Where are the pet waste stations?

The locations of these stations are highlighted in this map that can also be viewed in a larger size by clicking here.

dog waste stations map
click on the map for exact location of each station