Saturday, May 7, 2022
3-6 pm on the beach

Our good neighbors Mike and Janine MacDonald, with Andy Baldwin, have started up a local AOTB band—Blue Sea Revival—an acoustic duo specializing in classic-rock-era (60s-80s) music and will entertain community members and guests on our beach from 3-6 pm on Saturday, May 7 (or if it’s raining, on May 14).

They invite others to join the band for songs or to perform themselves. We’ve got lots of talent in the neighborhood including professional musicians and Mike would love to hear from you. Bring lawn chairs and whatever refreshments will make the evening more enjoyable and be prepared to have some outdoor fun in the spring air as we reconnect with our neighbors while soaking up terrific sounds in the midst of some of the most magnificent visual splendor on the planet—right here!

See Something, Say Something, DO Something
Can you help rescue one of the rarest dogs on our planet--the Chinese Shar-Pei?
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Mosquito Sprarying has Begun

Arundel on the Bay will be part of the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) mosquito control spray program. We just got notified that beginning in early June, we'll be sprayed with an ultra-low volume solution, but only if their survey shows it's needed. If so, it would be on a Monday evening no earlier than 7 p.m.; however, they have advised us that we wouldn't be sprayed until much later than the official "start" time.

Over the past several years, this spraying program has been very successful in controlling the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito -- carrier of the deadly West Nile virus. Its effects are very benign, unless you're a mosquito or drink a couple of gallons of the stuff, neither of which is very likely. Even the bees, who hive at night, are not affected.

That said, it's always a good thing to limit exposure to any chemical, so if you can, schedule your outdoor barbecues for another night and if you see the truck headed your way whilst walking the dog late at night, just pick another route.

And best of all, it's free; except, of course, for your tax dollars. Unlike taxes, you can opt out, but be aware that if enough folks do so, AOTB may not get sprayed at all. So if you're annoyed by the critters now, imagine what that might mean.

For more info please check MDA's website at this link or call 410-841-5870; or email

Traffic Safety

In an active Community where children play and residents walk and run (many with their pets), it is critical that drivers take their time and make safety a top priority.

Concern over the speed that many drivers employ when entering and exiting the Community gave rise to the creation of a Traffic Safety Committee which has been looking into options for heightening awareness about the need to SLOW DOWN.

Please keep the following thoughts in mind as you drive through this wonderful Community we all call home:

We're counting on your cooperatio... every day. Remember that your driving affects more than just you.

See news video of Bill Keyes' 100th Birthday

Bike Safety - It Takes All of Us!

Please remember that when you are riding a bike you must abide by all traffic laws (stop signs, etc.) while in the community.

Parents: Please remember that AOTB has vehicles traveling its roads. Please work with your children on bike safety. Please encourage children to stay on the side of the road while riding and to stop at all stop signs and look for vehicles while transiting intersections.

Bike Safety Tips for Kids (and parents) | Lessons in Bike Safety

Drivers: Please remember that AOTB is a RESIDENTIAL community and as such has reduced speed limits. Please abide by these speed limits and be aware of your surroundings in our community. AOTB has many young children who are learning to bike and are not aware of traffic regulations. Remember that it doesn't matter who had the right of way... the goal is for everyone to stay safe!

Let's work together to keep AOTB safe! Drivers, joggers, walkers, bikers...we all live here!

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