The Maryland State Department of Agriculture's (MDA’s) limited-access mosquito larvae spraying program will now commence for AOTB on Monday evenings no sooner than May 31. Although our exact spray time is uncertain, and could be anytime between 7pm and 2:30am, in our past experience, we have usually been treated between 10pm and midnight.

For additional details, please see the most current MDA blurb, as well as "Mosquitos 101." As always, folks can opt out by returning this form and as always, we must remind folks that if too many neighbors do opt out, we don’t get sprayed at all. Knowing how thick summertime mosquitos can get in our low-lying peninsula, adding more potential carriers of the deadly West Nile and Zika virus, Dengue and yellow fever, and several forms of encephalitis our continued COVID-19 challenges, on top of all the unsocial media-based disinformation about everything scientific it seems, we urge all of you to stay safe, well, and well-informed.

And best of all, it's free; except, of course, for your tax dollars. Unlike taxes, you can opt out, but please be aware that if enough folks do so, AOTB may not get sprayed at all. So if you're annoyed by the critters now, imagine what that might mean.