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Have you always wondered what Arundel-on-the-Bay was like "back in the day?" Philip Allen has begun an oral history project, filming some of our seniors who remember those days. The videos were produced by Philip Allen and David Hackett and filmed and edited by Cassidy Falconetti.


New Video!
Bill Semenuk, Marian Kratage, Jane Wilson McWilliams, and Carol Patterson research the location of the old railroad and ferry terminal
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joyce mcmanus
Joyce McManus discusses the area since her arrival in the 1950s.
5 minute version
30 minute version: Part 1 | 30 minute version: Part 2
leroy sparks
Leroy Sparks remembersgrowing up in Arundel on the Bay
5 minute version | 20 minute version
Celebration for the 90th birthday of Mrs. Thelma Sparks
5 minute version | 20 minute version
yvonne bell
Resident Yvonne Bell remembers Arundel on the Bay
from the time she was a child.
5 minute version | 20 minute version
karen matthews & joyce mclaughlin
Sisters Joyce McLaughlin and Karen Matthews remember
early days in Arundel on the Bay
5 minute version | 20 minute version
john moses
John Moses remembers growing up
in Arundel on the Bay.
See the 5-minute version | See the 23-minute version
wilma coble
Wilma Coble talks about the early days in Arundel on the Bay, including her time as association president.
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Marc Grigsby talks about when he began coming to Arundel on the Bay, as a child, from his home in Washington and when his family moved to Cohasset Avenue. He also discusses neighborhood history and more. Click on the image to watch or view on YouTube.

walk about with errol brown
Errol Brown narrates a video walking tour around Arundel on the Bay. Watch and see who owns or once owned various houses and learn a lot about the history of this area too.

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rachel brown & errol brownMrs. Rachel Brown and Errol Brown reminisce about the history of Arundel on the Bay, back in the day, in an entertaining discussion about the many professional African-Americans who bought in the neighborhood in the early 1950s. The discussion touches on how racial discrimination affected residential and educational patterns in the area. Click on the image to watch.

The video features William S. "Bill" Keyes. In his inimitable, fearless style, Bill Keyes discusses such subjects as social changes over a half-century of life in Arundel-on-the-Bay, the importance of education--especially to assure prospects for African-Americans, the continuity of the "Buffalo Soldier" tradition, "Negro League" baseball, and his wish for Peace and Harmony in our community's future. See the Short Version | See the Long Version