Below are links to relevant documents.

A. Court Scheduling Orders

Doc 75 9-9-2021 Court Order re how joined parties shall be served

Doc 95 2-14-2022 "Directive" (order rescheduling complex motion hearing date)

B. Joinder of Property Owners

Doc 70 06-14-2021 Court Order Joining Property Owners to the Litigation (aka "Consent Order")

"Notification" - Note: This document has information on the opt out process.

OPT-OUT FORM - Note: This is the form used to opt out of the ligitation.

C. Current Complaints and Answers

Doc 72 8-12-2021 Tose Amended Counter-Complaint to Quiet Title etc

Doc 73  8-13-2021 AOTB First Amended Complaint

Doc 81 12/16/2021 Tose Answer to First Amended Complaint

Survey done by Maurice Tose (done by John Dowling)

Survey done by AOTB (done by Terrain Inc.)

D. Davis-Moses Motion to Dismiss and Responses

Doc 78 11-23-2021 Davis-Moses Motion to Dismiss

Doc 79 12-8-2021 Tose Response to Davis-Moses Motion to Dismiss

Doc 83 12-21-2021 AOTB Response to Davis-Moses Motion to Dismiss & Tose Request for Hearing

Doc 94 2/3/2022 Tose Reply to AOTB Response re Davis-Moses Motion

To view All Documents that have been filed with the Court in the Tose Litigation, click HERE.