Prepare Now for Hurricane Season

If you’ve seen the news at all recently you’ve heard of all the wild weather in the center and west of our country. Tornadoes have hit as close as Montgomery County. Now the National Hurricaneectives are more  Center has announced that in this season we are likely to see more storms that normal. 

The hurricane season started on June 1 and NOW is the time to get ready… just in case. According to the experts, there are five main risks from hurricanes and other tropical storms: wind, waves and rip currents, tornadoes, storm surge, and inland flooding. Read more AOTB is no stranger to inland flooding. Our community suffered extensive flooding in the wake of Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Take time now to make a plan and get your emergency kit together now. Click here for information on what you need to know and do.

Finally, click here to see the latest report of the Local Emergency Planning Committee, a group of people who meet regularly to plan for our what may befall our community.

Also, here is a link to a presentation that outlines the emergency response to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, just up the Bay from us.   It is encouraging so see how quickly the response was pulled together.


The community of Arundel-on-the-Bay, founded in 1890, is located on the Chesapeake Bay near Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse outside Annapolis, Maryland. Some 300 households make up this diverse community.

How Do You See AOTB?

Want to show our neighbors your vision of the greatest place on Earth? Consider making a lasting impression by submitting your best quality images of life in AOTB for use on our home page, directory, entryway sign, and PIER newsletter. Sure, we'd love to see your amazing sunsets and spectacular sunrises, inspiring waterfowl and impressive marine activity views, but try thinking outside of the usual natural beauty box. What about the folks who live here? Kids—Geezers—Walkers—Bikers—Moms-n-Dads—Fisherfolk—Boaters? Send us your iPhone, drone, or other, perhaps less-conventional images so you can put your own personal spin on the sights we all see and often take for granted. Just be sure to get contact info if your pics are of people so we can ask their permission.

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Newport Community Pier

Did you miss the news?
Quite a while ago we secured the Newport Community Pier with a system that requires AOTB members to use a WiFi-based unique code to access the pier.
This is to stop the vandalizing that we have experienced.
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Tose Litigation

To view what we consider the Key Documents, click HERE.
"Key Documents" are generally more recent documents that are particularly relevant to the current status of the case.

To view All Documents that have been filed with the Court in the Tose Litigation, click HERE.

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Anne Arundel County conducted a traffic study on the intersection of Cohasset and Walnut. See it here.


Professional Management Committee Report, December 2020


Welcome new residents, including renters. Please contact so we may officially welcome you into the community and make sure we have your correct contact information. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your rental agreement.

Want to update your contact info? If you’re not sure we have your correct contact information--a new email or telephone number--please send an update to  Should there be an emergency at your house (think frozen pipe in winter while you are blissfully in Florida) we would love to be able to do something more than watch. Thanks!

Here’s the things we get asked about the most...

Who’s in charge here? We are an incorporated Property Owners Association governed by elected Officers and Board of Directors.  CLICK HERE to see who’s-who in the Association leadership including the various committees. AOTB is a Special Benefit Tax District and a Shore Erosion Control District which provides the source of funding for its activities.

Who lives here? To access the Community Directory, CLICK HERE. You will need a password to access the directory which is available to any resident in the community.  Email to have your residency verified and obtain the password. 

What’s been going on in the community? Other than this website (see our Calendar CLICK HERE), the easiest way to keep up with what’s going on is to read The Pier Newsletter which is published four times a year and mailed to the owner of record. Renters can also get on the mailing list, email To see the most recent edition of The Pier CLICK HERE. Minutes from Board (monthly) and Membership (quarterly) meetings, see the Documents page or CLICK HERE.   

Do you have a pet? AOTB is part of Anne Arundel County and so County animal regulations apply within AOTB. This means all dogs should be on a leash. See Anne Arundel County animal regulations CLICK HERE. Please also make sure you are familiar with the locations of the dog waste stations in AOTB and adjacent Oyster Harbor. CLICK HERE.

Do you have guests? Use of the boat launching, pier and beach facilities in our community is for residents only. Visiting guests should be accompanied by a resident whenever possible. Should you not be able to accompany your guest, please obtain a guest pass from Lori Strum at so that should your guest encounter our security officer, they will be able to identify themselves.

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